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Web design enhances first impression, brand awareness

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Nearly 71% of small businesses have a website, making web design more important than ever. 

These days, just having a website is not enough to cut through the digital clutter. Strong websites can build brand awareness, create buzz and drive sales revenue. They can create a first impression and a lasting impression. 

Businesses should check three boxes when designing and developing a website: 

  1. User-friendly: It must be easy to navigate and be informative.
  2. Attractive: It must contain appealing visuals and bold colors.
  3. Optimized: It must feature site architecture that enhances search engine optimization (SEO).

Priority Marketing’s portfolio of Digital Marketing Strategies includes website services like web design, development, hosting, maintenance and security, as well as server and domain management. The firm develops robust, creative and optimized websites that are adaptable to the latest technology and devices. 

EXAMPLES: See Our Portfolio 

Importance of Web Design 

Today, most customers don’t drive from retail store to retail store when browsing. One research study notes that 76% of consumers check out a business’ online presence before visiting the brick-and-mortar store. 

Web design is a complex process that involves substantial levels of technical know-how along with creativity, design, wordsmithing and more. 

Below are four elements of a great website: 

Search Engine Optimization 

Behind-the-scenes elements are incredibly important in determining if computer users will even see your website. These elements include: 

  • Metadata 
  • Alt tags 
  • Security 
  • Page load times 
  • Hyperlinks 
  • Structure 
  • Content 
  • Domain age 
  • Paid search 

One important element of web design is testing a site’s performance before and after it is launched. Web developers can make adjustments and corrections to further enhance SEO. Because search engines use algorithms to churn out results, incorporating these points of emphasis helps websites get discovered. 


Content is king. Website copy should be creative, readable and relevant. Websites typically have pages that remain stagnant, like a contact page or company history. However, search engines value websites that offer new content, including: 

  • Blogs 
  • News releases 
  • Media coverage 
  • New products or services 
  • Bios of new employees 

Every webpage should contain SEO-friendly headlines and descriptions. Web crawlers read this brief introduction before listing that page in search results. 


Whether reading a newspaper, magazine or website, people’s eyes gravitate toward images. Websites should feature purposeful, meaningful imagery that helps in making that critically important first impression. The average person spends less than one minute when visiting a website. Businesses must view this as an opportunity for a quick sales pitch. Four types of visuals to include are: 

  • Photography 
  • Videography 
  • Graphics 
  • Illustrations 

Businesses should build a library of “money shots.” These are the signature images that identify a brand, like a piece of chocolate, a pint of draft beer, a dinner entrée or a top-selling product. Money shots can even include the storefront and logo if they are widely recognized. 

Mobile friendly 

All websites must be responsive and designed with mobile audiences in mind. It’s estimated that more than half of internet traffic worldwide comes from mobile devices. Smartphones essentially are mini-computers that fit in your pocket. In fact, Pew Research notes 15% of Americans are “smartphone-only” internet users. Mobile-friendly websites have: 

  • Easy-to-find navigation menus 
  • Fast download speeds 
  • Touch-friendly buttons 

A key element of a mobile-friendly web design addresses screens. Mobile devices have screens that can be viewed horizontally or vertically. Cellphones, tablets, laptops and computers have screen sizes with varying dimensions. That’s why web developers create responsive websites – pages should look great on every device. 

WATCH: What are the 4 Key Elements of a Great Website? 

Two Examples 

Long before launching a website, Priority Marketing sets up a consultation to explore clients’ wants and needs in a digital presence. From there, the firm’s web development team builds a site map. This document lists all pages, subpages and features of the website.  

The firm does not use a template. Instead, each website is custom, relevant and scalable for each client. 

Two recently developed websites showcase the firm’s capabilities. 

Fort Myers Brewing Company 

brew blog image

Founded in 2013, Fort Myers Brewing is Lee County’s oldest craft brewery and one of the largest in Florida. Its award-winning beers and hard seltzers are sold at 1,600 bars, restaurants and retail outlets across Florida. 

Priority Marketing redesigned Fort Myers Brewing’s website to feature additional imagery, including a product slider with captivating photos of the brewer’s award-winning beers and hard seltzers. To increase the site’s organic SEO value, “Brew News” is a blog that contains frequent news and announcements about the company. When the brewery earns a significant award, visitors will see a pop-up alerting them to the honor. The website is also a place to learn about what’s happening at Fort Myers Brewing, with a dynamic calendar of events featuring food trucks, musicians and other special events. Fans can sign up for emails and texts so they’re always in the know, and even connect with the brewery to schedule private parties and special events. 

The site map includes seven opportunities to learn more about the company: 

  • About Us: history of the company, philanthropic focus and awards 
  • Our Brews: listing and descriptions of core beers, specialty brews and Spyk’d hard seltzers 
  • What’s on Tap: current menu selection 
  • Taproom Events: calendar of special events and activities at the brewery 
  • Brew News: news releases and media coverage 
  • Contact: form fill to inquire about brews, partnerships and career opportunities 
  • Shop: E-commerce store with clothing, swag and gift cards 

The bottom of the website includes the address, telephone number, social media handles, hours of operation and an opportunity to register for email updates. 

VISIT: FMBrew.com 

BIG ARTS Sanibel Island

big arts blog image

Founded in 1979, BIG ARTS Sanibel Island celebrates the community’s rich history in visual and performing arts. It provides an array of quality entertainment, arts and education programs that enrich and nurture the lives of Sanibel and Captiva residents and visitors. 

Priority Marketing designed the web site to give visitors a clear picture of the nonprofit through visual stimulation, relying on imagery over words. The top of the website features three artists in action: a dancer, a painter and a vocalist. In addition to attention-grabbing graphics, the website highlights programs on the home page with multiple points throughout the navigation. This allows visitors to learn more, purchase tickets for events and make a donation. For further ease, the home page includes a dynamic calendar of events that highlights the upcoming week’s events. The client’s goal was to make sure at any point, the user was drawn in and eager to learn more about their programs. Ultimately, visitors can make a purchase through the user-friendly website. 

The site map includes eight opportunities to explore BIG ARTS: 

  • Programs: info about community artists, fine arts, performing arts, workshops, the film series and the lecture series
  • About Us: background on the nonprofit and its board of directors, staff members and venue
  • Support: list of donor and volunteer opportunities
  • Calendar: dynamic schedule of upcoming events
  • Annual Benefit: details about the signature fundraising event
  • Gift Shop: E-commerce store offering ceramics, home décor, jewelry and artwork
  • Donate: outlines giving opportunities, including sponsorships and special events
  • Contact: form fill to connect with BIG ARTS 

The bottom portion of the website includes a map with the address, telephone number and hours of operation. It also allows visitors to sign up for email updates


Build Your Website 

Are you in need of an experienced web development team to help build your brand online? Please give us a call today at 239-267-2638 or send an email to LetsTalk@PriorityMarketing.com. 

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