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Much More Than a Logo

A logo is an essential part of your brand, but effective branding goes way beyond graphic iconography. Brand development is a thorough exercise in differentiating your brand from competitors with a well-defined brand platform.

A customized brand platform includes the brand elements you need to empower a high level of consistency across communication channels, which is the key to building recognition, instilling trust and fostering loyalty with your audiences.

Whether you are establishing a new brand or refining an existing brand, it’s important to bring brand perception into alignment with your organization’s true identity. We can help by developing the foundation you need to efficiently optimize communications across channels.

Branding Services:

CRS Technology Consultants Branding Booklet

Investing in Your Brand

What you say and how you say it matters. By strategically establishing a brand platform, you are making an investment in your brand.

A brand platform serves as a tool to align and empower everyone who communicates on behalf of your brand – from current and future employees to external partners. In addition to helping your team members communicate more efficiently and effectively on your behalf, adopting a brand platform creates continuity.

And the consistency of your communications builds recognition, instills trust and fosters loyalty with your audiences – significantly boosting brand equity.

Branding By the Numbers

Check out these statistics that reveal what consumers think about brands. Statistics by HubSpot and Harris Poll:

  • 89% stay loyal to brands that share their values
  • 64% say that shared values create a trusted relationship with a brand
  • 72% expect personalization and engagement from brands
  • 45% unfollow brands on social media due to irrelevant content
The School District of Lee County Branding Booklet
The School District of Lee County Branding Booklet

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