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Corporate chocolate gift: Show some LOVE this holiday season

As the holiday season approaches, businesses are searching for a corporate chocolate gift to show some love to employees, customers and clients. 

Why not show them some Norman Love? 

Norman Love Confections produces ultra-premium artisan chocolates inspired by tradition and innovation. Each confection is expertly crafted by Norman Love Confections’ award-winning chocolatiers who capture the spirit of the season. The Fort Myers-based company introduces special collections for seasonal holidays, including Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Christmas, as well as signature desserts for Thanksgiving. 

The corporate gifting program at Norman Love Confections offers a concierge approach to giving that takes customization to the next level. The chocolatier recently introduced new modern, elevated packaging that features a sleek design with magnetic closures. Gift box bands help customize the gift-giving experience, allowing businesses to personalize the band with a company logo, message and brand colors. Corporate clients also can select from 10 design patterns for further personalization. Confections themselves can even be customized with company names and logos. 

Corporate gifting is part of an overall marketing strategy tied to relationship building, a key element of business growth and success. 

Benefits of Corporate Gifting 

There are three keys to a successful corporate gifting program: 

  1. The gift must be high-quality
  2. The gift must be personalized
  3. The gift must be desireable

A corporate chocolate gift from Norman Love Confections checks all three boxes. 

The benefits of a corporate gifting program are extensive, including:  

Strengthen Relationships 

Southwest Florida is a strong business-to-business community. However, businesses do not choose to work together – people do. That’s why it is so important to foster personal connections and maintain positive relationships. A corporate gift offers a token of appreciation for customers, clients and prospects. 

Boost Morale 

Employees always appreciate year-end monetary bonuses, but providing something tangible they can feel and touch improves morale. Much like customers and clients, employees want to feel valued and appreciated, too. Plus, satisfied employees are productive employees, and productive employees drive growth for successful businesses. 

Emphasize Brand Identity 

Companies that produce corporate gifts can incorporate a business’ brand colors, logo and key messaging into packaging, or even the gift itself. Candles, cookie boxes, tumblers, flowerpots, jars of jelly, chocolate boxes and other items can all be branded with a company logo. Keepsakes that last longer, like coffee mugs and paperweights, offer continual branding recognition. 

Bulk Buying Power 

Businesses can purchase corporate gifts through retail stores or online sites, if inventory is available. However, those avenues don’t necessarily offer bulk discounts when buying dozens, hundreds or even thousands of items. Purchasing greater quantities typically lower the per-item price. 

Competitive Advantage 

Competition is fierce in every industry, and businesses invest a great deal of time and resources into marketing. Advertising, public relations, social media, digital marketing and email marketing are among the most essential marketing strategies. Corporate gifting, however, isn’t as common, so this token of appreciation is memorable and lasting. 

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Corporate Chocolate Gift: The 2023 Holiday Collection 

Norman Love Confections offers corporate chocolate gifts year-round, but confections are especially sweet around the holidays. The 2023 Holiday Collection includes these 10 limited-edition flavors: 

White Chocolate 

  • Candy Cane: Crushed candy canes with creamy white chocolate ganache
  • Eggnog: A classic favorite infused with nutmeg, clove and dark rum
  • Pumpkin Spice Cookie: Pumpkin spice cookies in creamy white chocolate ganache
  • Cup of Cheer: Coffee-infused dark chocolate with Kahlúa and Baileys Irish Cream 

Dark Chocolate 

  • Mint Patty: Peppermint complements rich dark chocolate
  • Spiced Hot Chocolate: A dash of habanero and cinnamon in bold dark chocolate
  • Java Jingle: Coffee-infused dark chocolate with a dash of holiday spices 

Milk Chocolate 

  • S’more: Roasted marshmallows, graham crackers and milk chocolate 
  • White Christmas: Cinnamon ganache with sweet ground hazelnut praline
  • Gingerbread: Gingersnap cookies crumbled into milk chocolate 

The limited-edition Holiday Collection is available in a variety of sizes, including the popular 10-piece Candy Cane box. Other boxes range from five to 50 pieces. Additionally, Norman Love Confections offers Advent calendars, a mini-bar collection, peppermint and hot chocolate bombs, holiday stocking stuffers, gift bundles and gift baskets filled with a variety of seasonally inspired chocolate treats. 

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