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Hole Montes names Dawn Barnard as Employee of the Year

Hole Montes has named Dawn Barnard, a project manager and senior environmental operations specialist, as its 2021 Employee of the Year.

Barnard has 43 years of experience as a wastewater treatment facility operator in Florida, working in both the public and private sectors.

At Hole Montes, Barnard’s responsibilities include reviewing plans and specifications for wastewater facilities and providing oversight from the planning process through construction. She also troubleshoots potential problems, assists with pilot-scale treatment systems and trains wastewater treatment operators across Florida. In recent years, Barnard’s project management experience has included permitting projects for local and state water and wastewater treatment facilities.

“This was the first year we named an Employee of the Year, and Dawn sets the standard for all future winners,” said Bob Mulhere, president of Hole Montes. “Since she joined Hole Montes 25 years ago, Dawn has embodied every quality we want in a team member – passion for the industry and environment, extensive expertise, outstanding client services and a commitment to excellence.”

Barnard is a member of the Florida Water Pollution Control Operators Association, Florida Society of Environmental Analysts, Florida Water Environment Association and Florida Rural Water Association. She is certified in Florida as a Class A wastewater treatment plant operator, wastewater treatment instructor, public sector manager and professional notary.

Barnard attended the University of Florida, University of Tampa and University of South Florida.

About Hole Montes

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