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Better Together launches new website with resources for families, employers and community partners

Better Together, a voluntary, community-driven alternative to foster care, has launched a redesigned website designed to offer an improved user experience while raising awareness of the organization’s mission and its two programs – Better Families and Better Jobs.

The Better Together website serves as a referral source for families seeking a preventative to foster care. Through the website, parents can request help to learn more about how Better Families can assist them with hosting their children, engaging with a family mentor, or finding resources for employment. Additionally, organizations, agencies or individuals can make referrals online. For those seeking job support, the website’s Better Jobs section connects job seekers as well as employers to events and resources for job fairs, job coaches and more. Additionally, church partners can sign up to receive more information or register for training.

The website offers intuitive navigation system compatible with all devices, including mobile and tablets. Additionally, the website features links to recent news, upcoming events, the organization’s annual report and testimonials from families, mentors and church partners.

“We recognize that our website serves not just as an introduction to our organization, but also as a valuable referral site for families, job seekers, donors, churches and others seeking support during a challenging time, or even in crisis,” said Megan Rose, CEO, Better Together. “We’ve experienced a 155% increase in the need for services since COVID-19, and we recognize the importance of being accessible online so that families and referral sources can quickly understand our mission, how to get or give help, and the impact that Better Together has had on those we serve.”

Better Together has served over 2,500 children in Southwest Florida and kept 96% of families together. The nonprofit was founded on the belief that loving parents should not lose children because they are having money problems, or had the courage to seek treatment, or got hospitalized without childcare. These challenges can be overcome with the right support system in place.

With the help of hundreds of volunteers and church communities, Better Together builds lasting support systems that help families cope with hardships – job loss, substance abuse, homelessness and even jail time – and ensures that children are cared for in a safe home until the family can be reunited. Additionally, Better Together’s “Better Jobs” program has helped nearly 29,000 job seekers connect with employment opportunities through church-based job fairs across 20 states.


Better Together is a nonprofit organization that helps parents going through a hard time keep their kids out of foster care, find work and address the root causes of their struggle so that they can reunite as a family with the tools and support system to thrive. A privately funded and professionally supported organization, Better Together is made up of volunteers who believe helping people help themselves is the best way to restore dignity and bring families together. Through the Better Families program, families are offered a preventive alternative to foster care while they get the help they need. To date, the program has kept 96% of children served out of foster care. The Better Jobs program was created to address the 76% of families that come to Better Together because of economic hardship tied to unemployment. In addition to community job fairs, the program offers job seekers coaching, guidance, support and encouragement through local church partners. For more information, visit BetterTogetherUS.org.

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