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What it Means to Be an UpCity Top Agency

We’re proud to have recently been named a Top SEO Agency in Fort Myers by UpCity. But what does that mean exactly? Here, we’re going to answer some questions about UpCity, what they do, and what this means for Priority Marketing.

UpCity is an online marketplace that connects businesses with qualified agencies and digital marketing service providers. It was created to help small- and medium-sized businesses navigate the world of digital marketing. If a business is looking for a digital marketing agency that will do high-quality work at a fair price, they can look at UpCity’s rankings in their city. On the agency side, UpCity’s Growth Engine helps drive top line revenue growth in a scalable manner. It’s a win-win.

UpCity’s Top Local Agency platform considers more than 30 dimensions across five different criteria groups to assign a ranking to every agency in their directory. Here are some of their requirements:



  • Proximity to City Center– The agency must be within 45 miles
  • Target Market– At least 50% of an agency’s clients must be comprised of small- and medium-sized businesses
  • Client Reviews– Assessing feedback from customers about timeliness, pricing and communication
  • UpCity Agency Profile– Agencies must maintain a standard online profile
  • Presence & Authority– Evaluating the agency’s online market presence, website representation, services, content, social media and online reputation

In addition to ranking by city, UpCity also has lists featuring agencies who are proficient in certain industries like healthcare, insurance, real estate and automotive. They also offer a workflow management system for agencies.

Being ranked by UpCity was a valuable accomplishment for Priority Marketing because it’s another way for us to demonstrate our expertise in digital marketing. With this ranking, we hope to grow our digital marketing presence further and create even more meaningful business partnerships.

To learn more about UpCity’s methodology behind their rankings, visit UpCity.com/Methodology.

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