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West Coast Muscle Car Club’s 20th Annual Car and Truck Show

Avow Kids

Over 300 new and vintage cars and trucks will be on display in January with all proceeds benefiting local charities

Avow Kids and West Coast Muscle Car Club are hosting the 20th annual West Coast Muscle Car Club Car and Truck Show on Saturday, Jan. 27 at North Collier Regional Park, sponsored by South Florida Emergency Vehicles.

The day, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., promises to be packed with new and vintage cars on display, plus a variety of vendors for attendees to browse with music and food trucks available. The event offers free parking and shuttle services. Admission is $15 per person, with children 12 and under admitted for free. Tickets are available at avowcares.org/wcmccshow.

As the event unfolds with music and delicious food trucks, it’s the perfect setting for car lovers to gather and share their passion. Whether you’re a collector seeking your next classic ride or just someone who appreciates the beauty of well-crafted automobiles, the West Coast Muscle Car Club event offers something for everyone.

With opportunities to connect and network, you may even discover resources for finding your dream car, like Classic Car Deals, which ensures a seamless experience for those on the hunt for vintage models. At this platform you can expect to find a diverse range of classic cars, from elegant sedans to powerful muscle cars, each with its own captivating story to tell. Whether you’re looking to buy, sell, or simply immerse yourself in the nostalgia of classic automobiles, this dealership offers a community-focused environment where enthusiasts can come together to appreciate and celebrate their love for timeless vehicles.

“We are looking forward to an amazing turnout for our 20th annual show,” says West Coast Muscle Car Club President Judy Ek. “Children have always been our club’s primary philanthropic interest, and we are excited to partner with Avow to raise money for Avow Kids. Our Board of Directors and club members are looking forward to sharing our passion for cars and our passion for philanthropy this year.”

Avow Kids

Proceeds from the show will assist in funding the Avow Kids program, which supports children ages 5-17 who are experiencing grief or loss in any capacity. A portion of proceeds will also be distributed among other local charities, such as the Collier-Lee Honor Flight and Shriners Transportation Fund. Last year’s event raised over $50,000 in donations, and with the West Coast Muscle Car Club celebrating a milestone anniversary, this year’s collaborative effort with Avow aims to raise more funds than ever before.  

“Avow is honored to collaborate with the West Coast Muscle Car Club for this milestone event that will bring fun and philanthropy together to benefit the Avow Kids program,” says Avow’s Chief Philanthropy Office Annalise Smith. “This event provides a unique opportunity to engage with new audiences and educate the community about Avow programs and services and to highlight the many creative ways people give to our mission.”

The West Coast Muscle Car Club was founded in 2003 to bring together a group of like-minded individuals with not just a passion for cars, but also a passion for making a difference in their community. Over 100 members come together regularly for events across Southwest Florida to raise money for local non-profit organizations. Their annual car show attracts thousands of attendees and inspires many to donate, resulting in tens of thousands of dollars raised for charity. Over the last 20 years, the West Coast Muscle Car Club has donated over $250,000 to local charities – now that’s something to rev your engines about.

Avow Kids offers specialized grief and loss support to children in both group and one-on-one counseling sessions. Participation in the program is not limited to grief from the loss of a loved one; Avow Kids is open to all children who are experiencing any kind of loss, whether it is due to divorce, military deployment, instability in the foster care system, and more. Aunt Janet’s House on Avow’s campus acts as a meeting location for Avow Kids participants, where they can engage in music therapy practices and learn new and healthy coping skills. Events such as movie nights, summer camps, and holiday parties are regularly held to promote emotional wellbeing among children who are struggling with complex emotions.

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