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Tutor Corps students build wardrobe for college at Guadalupe Resale Shop

Graduates of Guadalupe Center’s Tutor Corps program are heading off to college with some stylish new apparel and items for their dorm rooms, courtesy of Guadalupe Resale Shop.

The students, all recent graduates of Immokalee High School, were treated to a shopping trip in late July at Guadalupe Resale Shop in Naples. Each student was able to select clothing and small household items to help them prepare for college life.

This was Mikenly Abel’s first trip to the Guadalupe Resale Shop, and she enjoyed the experience. “It was a really nice place to shop, and I had a lot of fun with my friends figuring out what clothes looked best on us,” she said.

Tutor Corps is a college preparatory program that provides Immokalee students with mentors, academic guidance, scholarship assistance and wages for tutoring children in Guadalupe Center’s educational programs. An added benefit is the center’s relationship with Guadalupe Resale Shop, which opens its doors annually to Tutor Corps graduates.

“The Tutor Corps shopping trip was the highlight of our summer,” said Kat McNabb, Resale Shop manager. “Students come into the store full of energy and enthusiasm as they prepare for college, and that was infectious among our volunteers.”

Guadalupe Center Resale Shop offers new and gently used designer and name brand clothing, furniture, household items, accessories and more. Proceeds from the Resale Shop directly benefit educational programs at Guadalupe Center, which has a mission of breaking the cycle of poverty through education for the children of Immokalee.

Earlier this summer, Guadalupe Center supporters Brynne and Bob Coletti provided funding for Tutor Corps students to purchase dorm room accessories like bedding, towels, cleaning supplies, lamps and luggage, as well as flash drives and other school supplies, during a shopping trip to Target. The donation also covered additional items purchased online to take advantage of special pricing on technology packages and small appliances.

“We’re going to miss them, but the Class of 2018 certainly has a bright future ahead and they are well-prepared to excel academically as they pursue a college degree,” said Dawn Montecalvo, Guadalupe Center president. “Most of them will become the first members of their family to graduate from college. We will enjoy following their successes in college and beyond.”

About Guadalupe Center
Guadalupe Center is a purpose-driven, nonprofit organization with proven results in creating endless possibilities for the students of Immokalee through education and fostering personal and academic success that leads to economic independence. With a focus on breaking the cycle of poverty through education, Guadalupe Center is proud of the children’s accomplishments: 94 percent meet or exceed kindergarten readiness measures, 100 percent of Tutor Corps high school seniors graduate high school and are accepted into college, and more than 90 percent graduate with a post-secondary degree.

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