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The value of marketing when customers already know your name

There are a multitude of reasons that businesses should market their products and services to current or former customers. Here are three reasons that demonstrate the value of marketing: 

The value of marketing proves itself every day. When customers visit a store, browse a website, engage with a social post or buy a product or service, it’s the result of marketing. 

Marketing comes in many forms, including advertising, public relations, social media, email, website development, graphic design and more. Formats can include print ads, TV and radio commercials, news coverage, collateral materials, video, billboards and others. 

The value of marketing is evident when introducing a business to new or prospective customers. But what about existing customers or clients who already enjoy your products or services? At times, Southwest Florida can feel like Cheers – a place “where everybody knows your name.” The region is home to many successful businesses that have been here 10, 20 or even 30 years. Is there still a value of marketing to this group? Yes! 

Even in a community of familiar faces, businesses cannot expect name recognition alone to continue generating foot traffic and sales. An effective strategic marketing campaign places just as much emphasis on connecting with well-known customers and clients who have been buying goods and services from you for years as it does new customers. 

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The value of marketing: Why it’s important 

  • Choices: Southwest Florida’s population growth has led to a proportionate growth in businesses. Across the five-county region, the U.S. Census now reports 39,857 employer establishments, plus another 145,302 non-employer establishments, a category that includes self-employed workers like independent real estate agents, Uber and Lyft drivers, freelancers and contracted workers. Residents now have many options when eating dinner, buying a car, installing a pool cage or replacing a roof.
  • Competition: Nearly every type of product across every industry is available online. With lower overhead costs, online retailers can often price their products lower than local, brick-and-mortar stores. Free, expedited shipping can make online shopping just as convenient as shopping in a neighborhood store.
  • Additions: Successful businesses continuously innovate. That means introducing new products, menu items or services and telling them about it. Former and current customers that have had positive interactions with your brand are more likely to buy a new item or register for a new service… if they know about it.

A case study: Norman Love Confections 

One bite and you’re hooked. Norman Love Confections’ ultra-premium, handcrafted artisanal chocolates have been satisfying sweet tooths since 2001. The acclaimed chocolatier has been recognized worldwide by chocolate aficionados and top media. Its chocolate salons across Southwest Florida sell a high volume of confections, pastries, gelato and coffee. And yet, Norman Love Confections recognizes the value of marketing its brand to existing or former customers through multiple avenues, including: 

  • Emails: Norman Love Confections regularly sends Eblasts to its customer database, offering exclusive discounts, product updates and promotions to subscribers. Emails serve as reminders of upcoming holidays and simplify the purchasing process.
  • Social media: Across its three social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest – Norman Love Confections has more than 82,000 followers. Vivid imagery, captivating copy and behind-the-scenes videos activate the taste buds of the company’s chocolate-loving fans.
  • Public relations: Norman Love Confections distributes news releases announcing new signature boxes for major holidays, as well as new products and locations. Norman Love himself is frequently interviewed by journalists across all media types, including print, television, radio and online.
  • Website: The chocolatier’s website is a fully functioning E-commerce site that lists all available products, including new additions to the lineup like French macarons. Much like subscriber Eblasts, website visitors can quickly purchase and schedule delivery as soon as the next day.
  • Advertising: Print, television, digital and social media advertising casts a wider net that appeals to repeat customers as well as first-time customers. 

Additionally, Norman Love Confections is a frequent sponsor of charitable events, putting the brand in front of potential and current customers. Meanwhile, the company’s corporate sales department offers custom confections for special events and gifts for VIPs. Today, Norman Love Confections has become “a globally famous name,” proving the value of marketing remains strong. 

Staying top of mind 

Every business wishes its customers were more like Norm and Cliff from Cheers – loyal, lifelong and devoted. However, businesses can never rest on their laurels and assume customers will keep coming back for more. Effective marketing, advertising, public relations and social media strategies keep businesses top of mind with their existing customer base while also attracting the eyes of prospective customers and clients. 

Looking to stay connected with previous customers and capitalize on the strong value of marketing? Priority Marketing’s team of more than 55 experienced marketing professionals is on standby!  

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