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The power of infographics in marketing 

Infographics, much like pictures, are worth 1,000 words. They tell a story by weaving eye-catching images and splashes of color with striking statistics and compelling charts. 

Well-designed infographics can be a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal. Engagingconcise infographics can motivate the mind and heart. They compel readers to think and act, possibly buying a product, donating to a nonprofit or volunteering for a cause. 

Infographics are built for today’s fast-paced world. In a matter of seconds, an infographic can summarize an issue faster than a feature-length story or news report. 

Priority Marketing’s experienced graphic design team produces infographics for some of the largest and most recognizable brands in Southwest Florida. Designers also showcase their talents through marketing campaigns, print designlogo developmentproduct packaging, and signs and displays. 

Below are three times infographics can power up your marketing strategy: 

To effectively and quickly tell a story 

Imagine a job candidate’s resume. On one page, he or she can summarize work experiences, education and special skills. Certainly, that individual could include many more details. However, one page provides enough information for human resources officers to schedule a job interview. 

Likewise, an infographic can summarize a complex topic on one sheet or slide. Infographics marry relevant facts with engaging graphics to capture someone’s eye, mind and emotions. Cumbersome narratives and complicated statistics can be confusing. Infographics digest material so it makes sense to the average reader or social media follower. Infographics are essentially headlines in visual form. 

EXAMPLESWFL Children’s Charities, Inc. raises money to support pediatric health care services in Southwest FloridaPriority Marketing created an infographic to help donors understand why their support is needed. 

 To encourage sharing 

Sharing is the genesis for social media. People regularly share photos, videos, opinions, news stories and life updates. Social media keeps people connected and informed. 

Social media users love to share information that helps them look intelligent and informed. That’s why social feeds are filled with breaking news updates. Facts also are a great way to impress friends and followers. 

Businesses and organizations want people to share their content with friends, family and colleagues. It’s a way of generating buzz, creating brand awareness and possibly boosting search engine optimization (SEO). 

Create content that you think will be shared. Pick one interesting statistic or fact, and pair that with a strong visual. 

EXAMPLEKids’ Minds Matter has a bevy of statistics about children’s mental and behavioral health. The nonprofit posted a series of social media infographics using black and white imagery to match the content’s serious tone. More shares results in a greater awareness of issues impacting today’s youth. 

 To make content more versatile 

Infographics are well-suited for digital and print mediaInfographics can become a focal point on brochures and rack cards to explain products, services and programs. That same infographic can have a similar impact on websites and social media. Creating one infographic for multiple platforms saves time, which ultimately saves money. 

Consistency across platforms also helps build brand recognition. Colors, fonts and images should stay consistent in all marketing materials. 

EXAMPLE: The Greater Fort Myers Chamber of Commerce provides valuable resources and connections for local businesses. Not every company is a member, though, so the Chamber launched a campaign to explain why a membership is a good investment. Business leaders found the same messaging in print, on the website and social media, convincing many to become members. 

To learn how Priority Marketing can help tell your story through infographics, please give us a call today at 239-267-2638 or email info@PriorityMarketing.com. 


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