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The Amazing Ninja Brothers: New middle grade book series teaches empathy for children with behavioral challenges

Grandfather and child advocate Robert Martin releases first book in series, ‘Entering the Deep Unknown,’ during National ADHD month with book sales to benefit children’s foundation

Author and child advocate Robert Martin is releasing a new children’s book series, The Amazing Ninja Brothers, that uses storytelling to create awareness and understanding about youth living with psychiatric disorders. This middle grade series features two young brothers who use their special powers to help friends with minds that work differently. Net proceeds from the book sales will help fund Martin’s Bridge to a Cure Foundation, which has a mission to increase the pace and success of pediatric research.


Martin’s first book in the series, “Entering the Deep Unknown,” focuses on Tommy, a child with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), a chronic condition that leads to hyperactivity, impulsiveness and difficulty paying attention. Tommy’s friends, Aiden and Jacob, are more than just brothers, they are a new wave of ninjas. Unlike other ninjas who use their skills to fight, these amazing ninja brothers use their skills to heal and build understanding in their classroom. Their power comes from the magic of two ancient ninja rings that their great-great-grandfather, an explorer, had discovered in his travels and is now passing down to them. The ninja rings give them the ability to understand how a friend with a psychiatric disorder thinks and how to help a mind that works differently adapt to challenges in the classroom, on the playground and at home. Aiden and Jacob apply the magic of the ninja rings to help Aiden’s best friend, Tommy, overcome the challenges of ADHD. Jacob uses his ring to figure out why Tommy is prone to be disruptive or inattentive. Then Aiden applies the magic of his ring, empathy, to feel the same emotions that Tommy feels. Together they learn that Tommy’s different way of thinking has strengths, too.


“Each book in the series will feature characters with a particular behavioral disorder,” said Martin, a resident of Fort Myers, Florida and Darien, Connecticut. “Kids reading books from The Amazing Ninja Brothers series will gain insight and understanding of classmates who at times behave differently and the importance of providing their support. Each story will show behavior that captures a child’s perspective on a different, but common disorder. Young readers will want to join the new wave of ninjas, enlightening fellow classmates to participate in the celebration of minds that work differently.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 10.4 percent of children ages 5 to 17 have ADHD. “Chances are,” Martin said, “most children have friends or classmates with the disorder, so it’s important they gain the right perspective of the disorder, and to be empathetic and supportive.”


“As an author and child advocate, my mission is to inspire children to chase their dreams and to help those who can’t,” Martin said. “I employ the power of storytelling to coach early and middle grade readers on the top issues facing youth today. Entering the Deep Unknown is a fast-paced story that connects with kid’s fascination for superheroes while generating thought and discussion about ADHD. I balance action, humor and fantasy to provide readers with a ‘page-turner’ story.”


About Author Robert Martin

As an author and child advocate, Robert Martin is dedicated to inspiring kids to chase their dreams and helping those who can’t. Martin’s grandchildren are the motivation behind his writing career. He is the author of several children’s books, published by DreamChaser Publishing LLC, including two No. 1 Amazon bestsellers. He also publishes a blog for grandparents, parents and caregivers who share his desire to help children cope with the big challenges they face in today’s world. The blog puts these challenges into perspective and provides caregivers with the facts they need on a variety of topics, from pediatric disease to misunderstood disorders. This valuable resource also shares essential tips for communicating about tough topics, so readers can better provide children with support, foster a strong family bond, and pass their values from generation to generation.

Learn more about Robert Martin, read his articles, and shop for children’s books at www.RobertMartinAuthor.com. Follow Robert Martin on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. Net proceeds from all book sales go to the Bridge to a Cure Foundation, a nonprofit organization formed to increase the pace and success of pediatric research by unleashing resources already available today (www.BridgeToACure.org). 

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