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Swinging With Purpose selects Earn to Learn FL as 2020 fundraising beneficiary

Earn to Learn FL has been selected as beneficiary of the 2020 Swinging With Purpose fundraising event.

This support will allow Earn to Learn FL to expand opportunities for educational attainment of income-challenged women, girls and children to eliminate or minimize their vulnerability to homelessness, human trafficking, domestic violence, abuse and teen pregnancy.

“Swinging With Purpose will support the Earn to Learn FL Career Advancement Through Technical Education Project to help low- to moderate-income students earn postsecondary education, including Career and Technical Training (CTE), with little or no student debt,” said Diana Riley, founder of Swinging With Purpose.

The Career Advancement Through Technical Education Project will match students’ savings of up to $250, with up to $2,000 in financial assistance for tuition, fees, books and equipment needed to complete a credentialed course. It is a simple formula for workforce development that combines student savings with financial assistance, success coaching and personal finance training.

“We look forward to our partnership and collaboration with Swinging With Purpose,” said Brenda Tate, CEO of Earn to Learn FL. “With their assistance, we will be able to help additional Florida students pursue their dream of completing a postsecondary education with little or no student debt, on time, and be career ready.”

Swinging With Purpose is a nonprofit organization that provides support to grassroots organizations serving the needs of women, girls and children in Southwest Florida. The major annual fundraiser is the Liberty Mutual Invitational benefitting Swinging With Purpose, which will be held Sunday, May 3 at Quail West Golf and Country Club in Naples. Details will be available Feb. 1 at SwingingWithPurpose.org.

For more information, please visit EarnToLearnFL.org or email Brenda Tate at Brenda@EarnToLearnFL.org.

About Earn to Learn FL

Earn to Learn FL empowers low-to-moderate income students in Florida to earn college degrees and professional certifications with little or no debt through matched-savings, personalized financial capability training, and success coaching. Eligible students who establish a habit of saving for higher education can receive matching funds for financial assistance provided by Earn to Learn FL supporters committed to enhancing workforce development and the economic well-being of Florida communities. For more information, please visit www.EarntoLearnFL.org or call 239-908-0301.

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