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Stevens Construction begins Longevity Performance Center

Stevens Construction has started construction on Longevity Performance Center in Naples, announced Dan Adams, vice president south Florida.

Scheduled to open in late 2018, Longevity Performance Center joins technology, artificial intelligence and scientific algorithms to create a new approach to health, wellness and fitness. This is the inaugural Longevity Performance Center established by Landmark Hospital founder and CEO, Dr. William Kapp III.

Stevens Construction has begun the 4,449-square-foot build-out of Longevity Performance Center, located at 1000 Immokalee Road, Suites 65 and 66, in Naples. Stevens Construction is utilizing advanced technologies such as Synexis biodefense system with Dry Hydrogen Peroxide within the whole facility, which naturally reduces bacteria, viruses and mold in the air and on surfaces.

Longevity Performance Center will feature a fitness area with eGym smart equipment, which uses cloud-based software to track progression. Users swipe a bracelet at each station to retrieve previous workout data and the machine is then programmed to each user’s pre-loaded fitness plan, which is customized from genetic analysis.

Longevity Performance Center will include treatment rooms with Cold Laser Therapy, a non-invasive treatment for relief of muscle, tendon and joint pain. Additionally, Longevity Performance Center will offer blood chemistry testing to measure biological age and create custom fitness and nutrition programs specific to each person’s blood biomarker tests.

Designed to promote vitality and optimum health, Longevity Performance Center will also include nutrition consulting and locker amenities. Visit www.longevitypc.com for more information.

The Stevens Construction team includes project manager, Alan Bennett, project administrator, Angie Sugg, and superintendent, Shane Sindledecker. Architectural services are being provided by HuntonBrady.

In 2015, Stevens Construction completed Landmark Hospital of Southwest Florida founded by Dr. Kapp. Located in Naples, the 86,676-square-foot hospital specializes in providing care to medically complex patients who benefit from an extended recovery time.

With offices in Fort Myers, Tampa and Orlando, Stevens Construction specializes in providing construction management, general contracting and consulting services to clients and design professionals. Other services include site and design team selection, budgeting, project scheduling, permitting, cost and quality control and warranty service. The company builds healthcare, commercial and hospitality facilities. For information, visit www.stevensconstructioninc.com or call 239-936-9006.

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