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Social media video: Three types of trending clips

social media video - live video

All social media videos have the power to go viral. 

You don’t need crazy stunts or cute puppies to create trending content, though. Instead, you just need a social media plan and creative professionals to carry out your vision. 

Priority Marketing’s talented Social Media Team offers a suite of social media marketing services, including strategic consulting, content development, demographic research, profile development, competitive analysis and social media monitoring. Video concepting, filming and editing are among their responsibilities, given that most social media platforms now emphasize video in their algorithms. 

Social media has become one of the most effective ways for brands to reach their target audiences. 

Social Media Video Trends

Ever wondered why so many videos on social media are presented vertically? Skilled social media managers, like those at Priority Marketing, recognize that most social media users view content on mobile devices. That means a vertical video helps “fill the frame” and enhance visibility for viewers. 

There are three other social media video trends to incorporate into your social media plan: 

Live Video 

Live video options are available on most social platforms. This allows brands and organizations to engage with audiences in real-time. Live videos offer a unique, exclusive experience that strengthens relationships with customers, donors and community members. 

Most people are familiar with live video from television news. Unlike news reports, though, live video on social media provides a two-way form of communication. Viewers can ask questions through an online chat function and you can respond instantly. 

Another benefit of live video is that viewers view it as authentic and organic rather than a staged, scripted performance. You can still have a plan or outline, much like a comedian has general flow in mind, but the video isn’t scripted word for word. 

Example: Lee Health Foundation – Clips for Cancer event 

Behind-the-Scenes Video

Customers generally only see what you present to them. Why not satisfy people’s curiosity with a behind-the-scenes peek at your operations? 

If your business is a restaurant, for instance, patrons and social media followers have seen the finished, plated product. A behind-the-scenes social media video could show the chef discussing ingredients, how the dish is prepared or explaining nutritional information. 

Behind-the-scenes videos show that a brand is authentic, approachable and friendly, which consumers appreciate. Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, for instance, scored top ratings because episodes gave viewers a glimpse into celebrities’ private homes. Social media videos can do the same for businesses and organizations. 

Example: Bigham Jewelers – Master jewelers at work 

Instructional Video

Instructional videos, also called how-to videos, remain popular because they are interactive, informative and provide solutions. 

How-to videos also capitalize on a successful public relations strategy. PR professionals help establish an individual as an expert or leading voice within his or her respective industry. That also works in social media. Dr. Sandra Lee, for instance, created a series of informative videos about dermatology. Her social media videos became so popular that TLC launched a weekly show, Dr. Pimple Popper, featuring her cases. 

Example: SalusCare – HeartMath Breathing Exercise 

Bolster Your Business’ Social Media Presence

Priority Marketing also is capitalizing on social media video trends. The popular FAQ Fridays video series offers insight from the firm’s marketing professionals on a variety of content areas: public relations, brand development, web services, social media, creative services, media buying, video production, digital marketing, event planning and more. 

FAQ videos regularly earn more than 2,000 views on Facebook and YouTube. Multiple videos have amassed 5,000 views or more! 

WATCH: FAQ Fridays Quick Tips 

Looking for a social media team to guide your organization’s social media video planning and production? Please give us a call today at 239-267-2638 or send an email to LetsTalk@PriorityMarketing.com. 

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