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Social media trends and predictions for 2022

group of various social media platform logosSocial media trends and predictions for 2022 run the gamut. Seemingly every year, new trends emerge that reshape social media, and 2022 will be no different. 

According to many industry experts, social media began with the 1997 launch of SixDegrees. Although that site floundered, it gave birth to the social media revolution. Today, nearly six in 10 people worldwide use social media. Americans spend about two hours daily on social media combing through news stories, status updates, videos, photos and advertisements. 

Eight social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Snapchat – were the dominant social media platforms in 2021. That isn’t likely to change in 2022. However, each platform continues to evolve as it battles for consumer attention and advertising revenue. 

Priority Marketing’s experienced Social Media Team offers a platform-by-platform look at social media trends and predictions that will define 2022: 


In October, Facebook – the company – rebranded as Meta. The popular social media platform will still carry the Facebook name, though. 

Expect Facebook to finally launch augmented reality and virtual reality components. These developments might be a gamechanger for the company, and social media in general. AR-enabled glasses and high-tech wristbands could enhance the way Facebook users consume media. 


Long known as a visual platform, Instagram is evolving beyond food, fashion and fitness photos to focus on e-commerce. Rather than stroll through a mall to shop, consumers instead can scroll through a social media feed. Then, they can purchase an item with just a few clicks. 

With short-form video growing in popularity, Instagram announced it will have a video-first focus on the platform. This means you’ll be seeing more Reels and Stories as a bigger priority rather than the traditional news feed. Plus, expect to see more live video shopping opportunities, which combines a push for video and e-commerce. 


The Ice Bucket Challenge was among the first global social media trends. Since then, we’ve seen everything from Tide pods and DIY tooth fillings to frozen honey and wild dance moves. 

TikTok shapes culture and is a place where trends are set. Savvy marketers will be “trendjacking” to capitalize on the platform’s influence among younger consumers. Expect to see TikTok incorporate more sponsored content into the platform by expanding its Creator Marketplace. 


Still primarily a business platform, LinkedIn is no longer just a place where professionals post resumes and businesses post job opportunities. Users are connecting in meaningful ways with employees and employers. 

LinkedIn is expected to become a platform where companies and industry organizations convene meetings, seminars and conferences. That is because of expanded livestreaming capabilities. LinkedIn recently acquired Jumprope, an app allowing users to easily create social media “how-to” videos. With this new tool, LinkedIn users will be able to showcase industry news and tips through video vs. static feed posts. 


A simple platform to share news content, sports updates and general thoughts, Twitter hit the refresh button after 15 years. 

Twitter’s new Super Follow option allows high-profile brands and individuals to monetize their following. These brands can charge for custom, exclusive content. Along those lines, Twitter’s Ticketed Spaces also allows influencers to collect revenue. They can host workshops, virtual meet-and-greets and other live events. 


Online shopping surged during the pandemic. Pinterest responded to the shift in consumer habits while remaining a place for consumers to swap ideas. 

Video content is surging on Pinterest. Users will be able to create their own videos in response to pins. Livestream shopping opportunities will elevate e-commerce to the next level. 


As the world’s second-largest social media platform, YouTube dominates the video market. How-to videos, interviews, music videos, TV shows and more attract millions of viewers. YouTube launched YouTube Shorts in hopes of replicating the success of quick videos driving the success of Snapchat and TikTok. 

For longer videos, YouTube has introduced chapters that allow users to skip directly to specific spots within a video. 


Advertising fuels profits for social media platforms. Snapchat Story Ads quickly put a brand’s products and services in front of a younger demographic.  

Snapshot recently launched Snapshot Trends. It’s similar to Google Trends in that it highlights conversations and chatter using trending keywords. 

Nearly 25 years after social media’s birth, key platforms continue to evolve while new platforms emerge. That includes TRUTH Social, which former President Donald Trump is launching in the first quarter of 2022. 

Businesses that stay ahead of the trends can capitalize on social media to expand their reach, influence and profits. 

Looking to grow your business or organization by capitalizing on social media trends in 2022? Please give us a call today at 239-267-2638 or send an email to letstalk@prioritymarketing.com. 

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