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SalusCare offers virtual social media educational session

SalusCare is offering two virtual educational sessions Wednesday, March 13 for parents, grandparents and caregivers with information about keeping children safe on social media. The sessions are funded by the United Way.

The sessions, led by SalusCare Outpatient Clinician Elizabeth Gonzalo, include information about:

  • Social media sites your kids are on
  • Differences between social media sites
  • Tips on keeping kids safe on social media platforms
  • Mental health effects of social media and how to help
  • Why it’s important to know what children are doing online
  • Digital footprints

The two, one-hour programs will be offered Wednesday, March 13 on Teams at 1 p.m. at https://bit.ly/3P2NkI8  and 6 p.m. at https://bit.ly/3IlJDcC.  Participants must pre-register using the links.

“We are happy to facilitate these critical information sessions for the community,” said Stacey Cook, SalusCare’s president and CEO. “We often see firsthand the mental health impacts of children engaging with the fast-changing social media landscape. Many people are not aware that self-disclosure on social networking sites lights up the same part of the brain that ignites when taking an addictive substance!”

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