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Royal Palm Coast Realtor Association facilitates relief efforts for Bahamas

The Royal Palm Coast Realtor Association (RPCRA) is spearheading an effort to bring urgently needed relief to the Bahamas in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian.

RPCRA, which has offices in Fort Myers and Cape Coral, is the National Association of Realtors’ Ambassador Association to the Bahamas, and recently hosted its Bahamian counterparts at an association event in Fort Myers.

“Our hearts go out to our many friends in the Bahamas,” said Josh Burdine, president of the RPCRA. “The catastrophic consequences of Hurricane Dorian are almost unimaginable and will affect Bahamians for years to come.”

Burdine said that while infrastructure is a longer-term problem, the basic day-to-day needs of storm victims are something where RPCRA members can offer immediate assistance. “This is an urgent humanitarian crisis,” he said. “Our friends are in trouble and we stand ready help. That’s what Realtors do.”

The immediate need is for basic supplies and personal hygiene items, according to Burdine. “We have a list of specific items on our Facebook page, including things such as first-aid kits, batteries and solar-powered chargers.”

Burdine has been in contact with officials from the Bahamas Real Estate Association, who suggest that donations of goods and money be facilitated only through HeadKnowles, a Bahamian nonprofit group. Monetary donations can be made directly to HeadKnowles via the nonprofit’s GoFundMe page.

Donations for distribution through HeadKnowles may be dropped off at any of RPCRA’s three offices in Lee County: 2840 Winkler Ave., Fort Myers; 17640 South Tamiami Trail, Fort Myers; or 918 SE 46th Lane, Cape Coral. Members of the association and the public are urged to donate.

RPCRA will monitor receipt and deliver supplies to HeadKnowles for delivery and distribution in the Bahamas for those in need.

Burdine is confident that the Realtor community will step up for the Bahamas. “We have a slogan in our organization about helping others that’s very appropriate right now,” he said. “As we like to say about our community involvement, ‘That’s who we R.’”

About the Royal Palm Coast Realtor Association (RPCRA)

Comprising a membership of more than 7,000 Realtors, RPCRA exists to advance the success of its members, serving as a resource for professional development and an advocate in community issues affecting members, their customers and property owners’ rights. RPCRA serves all of Southwest Florida, with offices in Cape Coral, Fort Myers and South Fort Myers. For more information, visit www.rpcra.org.

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