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ReDefine Life launches online concierge primary care practice in Florida

With the recognition that lifestyle changes can have the greatest impact on health, Dr. Samantha Jean and Dr. Gerdie Jean-Smith have launched ReDefine Life, an online primary care concierge practice conveniently available around the clock for a monthly fee to patients with or without health insurance.

Both board-certified physicians, the sisters recognize the importance of time and want patients to be able to connect directly with their personal health professional at their convenience. The unique approach to better health avoids the need to wait for available in-person doctor’s appointments or pay for pricey urgent care visits for colds, allergies or sinus infections. Doctors are just a text or video call away.

Jean is board certified in family medicine by the American Board of Family Medicine and was nominated as Physician of the Year for two years in a row at Fawcett Memorial Hospital. She graduated with honors from the American University of Antigua College of Medicine and completed her residency in family medicine at Piedmont Columbus Regional in Columbus, Georgia. Jean-Smith is a fellowship-trained geriatrician who specializes in aging, dementia and palliative care. She is board certified in both family medicine and geriatrics and completed medical school at the American University of Antigua College of Medicine, and her family medicine residency at University of Louisville.

“We are the youngest two from a family with five children,” said Jean. “We understand the benefit of family as well as the challenges of time and convenience. In our practice, we have seen the current healthcare model become about rushing patients through the system in order to make more money. Our goal is to treat patients like family, not just patients. Working together, we hope to help patients ReDefine their lives.”

The idea to develop concierge healthcare without the price tag came out of their own frustrations with work/life balance and healthcare accessibility. Also, the risks associated with in-person healthcare exposed during the pandemic led to the idea of providing safe, no-contact medical services. ReDefine Life is not a doctor brokerage, but a primary care private practice where patients see the same doctor every time. All primary care services are offered including management of chronic conditions like COPD, hypertension and diabetes, not just coughs and colds, like some telemedicine practices.

“I have my own young child now, and as a working mother, I know how challenging it can be to find balance,” said Jean-Smith. “We feel ReDefine Life will help put patients in charge of their care, allowing them to focus on their individual healthcare and goals at their convenience. We see our plan as great for out-of-town children seeking care for their elderly parents, and we offer comprehensive geriatric evaluations and treatment. Our model also offers comprehensive, accessible and affordable medical care for people without health insurance, patients who only carry hospitalization and major medical insurance and people who want to develop a relationship and have access to a provider at their convenience.”

Medical, natural/holistic or combined monthly plans are available for individuals and families, including children starting at age 8. Monthly individual concierge memberships start at $99 a month with a one-time $150 enrollment fee. Plans include preventative care and testing, unlimited text messaging with the doctor, no risk and no contact, tailored medical plans, discounted whole food vitamins and supplements, referrals to specialists, weight loss and tobacco cessation support. Also, home visits are available in Florida.

For information on the programs or a free consultation to see which plan is right for you, visit redefinelife.care or call 941-276-8036.


About ReDefine Life

Founded by two sisters, Dr. Samantha Jean and Dr. Gerdie Jean-Smith, ReDefine Life is an online primary care concierge practice offering medical and natural/holistic personalized care with a monthly subscription fee in Florida, New York, Georgia and Kentucky. Board-certified physicians are available within an hour by call, text, social media or video call. Services include whole family primary care, alternative medicine, nutrition, urgent care visits, referrals to specialists, medication management, prescriptions, geriatrics, dementia, palliative care natural holistic health, and whole food vitamins and supplements. For information, visit redefinelife.care or call 941-276-8036.

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