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Priority Marketing responds to video, media revolution

The news industry has changed dramatically in recent years, and it will continue evolving as media companies adapt to a new business model and consumer demand. Unfortunately for many news outlets, that’s meant fewer reporters, photographers and videographers on the street.

Priority Marketing has responded by expanding our video production services available to clients, using both in-house and trusted videography partners. Our team excels in scriptwriting, directing, filming and editing TV news packages, commercials, presentation videos and made-for-social video clips.

Our strong relationships with local television stations, newspapers and magazines ensures stories can still be broadcasted or published despite media’s staffing challenges. This spring, for example, ABC7 has published three “Positively SWFL” segments using video footage and interviews provided by Priority Marketing. The segments covered Guadalupe Center’s Buddy Day program, an Easter celebration for families impacted by Hurricane Irma and a spring break visit to Immokalee by Iowa college students.

As a full-service agency, Priority Marketing truly does it all: marketing, advertising, public relations, website development, social media and email marketing, digital solutions, media buying, event management and now EVEN MORE video production to meet the evolving needs of our clients and media partners.

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