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OFDC Commercial Interiors creates solutions to protect office workers during COVID-19

OFDC Commercial Interiors is now offering an extensive line of customizable desk dividers that provide an added layer of protection for employees who use shared workspaces.

The Fort Myers-based company is able to supply and install desk partitions ideal for medical offices, law firms, accounting and payroll departments, call centers, government offices and other businesses where employees spend the bulk of their workday at desks.

“Many companies transitioned from individual offices and cubicles to shared workspaces that foster collaboration, but unfortunately, sitting so close to your colleagues also can contribute to the spread of COVID-19,” said OFDC President and CEO Joe Gammons. “These desk dividers offer additional comfort and security at a time when we all need our own space.”

Dividers are made of acrylic, laminate fiberboard and sturdy cardboard with durable surfaces that are easy to clean. Desktop and freestanding options are available. OFDC also offers panel cleaning services to keep workspaces sanitized.

According to the CDC, employers should establish policies and practices for social distancing, which include altering workspaces to provide more separation between co-workers and customers. COVID-19 primarily spreads from person to person through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs, sneezes or talks.

OFDC’s design and planning specialists can help companies select a Rapid Response Screen or Harbor Screen desk partitions, measure workstations and install dividers with minimal interruption to the business and its employees. The company also offers reconfiguration design services to help businesses strategically rearrange furniture in light of COVID-19.

Additionally, OFDC has introduced Business Sanitization Essentials, which includes protective face masks, hand sanitizers, disinfectant sprays and office supplies, as well as a Back-to-Work Bag for employees that includes gloves, disinfecting wipes, sanitizer and masks.

For more information or to request a quote, please visit OFDC-inc.com or call 239-347-4876.

About OFDC Commercial Interiors

OFDC Commercial Interiors is Florida’s premier source for quality office furniture and design concepts. Founded in 1974, the locally owned company delivers exceptional workplace solutions that include desks, conference tables, chairs, cubicles, bookcases, filing cabinets, accessories and flooring. The firm’s extensive list of personalized services includes interior planning and design, including reconfigurations, asset management, leasing, and project and move management. For more information, please visit OFDC-inc.com or call 239-347-4876.

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