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New initiatives highlight ECHO’s five-year strategic framework

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ECHO, a leading non-profit advocate for sustainable agriculture and food security across the globe, unveiled its five-year strategic framework, ‘Fully Forward Together,’ to ensure alignment and effectiveness for its initiatives. Five goals to defeat hunger and improve lives are at the center of the plan:

  • Strengthen and grow the ECHO network.
  • Increase the network’s capacity to be effective.
  • Advance global seed banking.
  • Champion agroecology.
  • Partner in biblical holistic mission with the global Church.

This plan will serve as a foundational guide to understanding who they are as an organization and how they aspire to serve the world around them to the glory of God.

Started over 50 years ago, ECHO is based in North Fort Myers, Florida. It is recognized globally for its effectiveness at reducing hunger and improving lives by supporting and equipping farmers and their families with the necessary tools needed to feed themselves and their communities.

ECHO’s global efforts are carried out through their Regional Impact Centers in Thailand, Burkina Faso, Tanzania and North America. Plans are in the works to open two more Regional Impact Centers, one later this year in South Asia and one in 2026 serving Central America and the Caribbean.

ECHO also works on the preventative end of human trafficking, forced migration, conservation, restoration, climate change, and more.

ECHO President and CEO Abram Bicksler, who led the creation of the new document, said, “This framework is a tool for strategic alignment and collaboration, empowering our Regional Impact Centers to achieve their full potential and contribute to our collective success.” Bicksler added, “We hope people will see the critical role ECHO plays in reducing hunger and improving lives around the world and will feel compelled to donate to our mission. Donors are the key allowing us to serve and strengthen what we do.”

For more information on how you can become part of ECHO’s mission please call 239-543-3246 or visit echonet.org or ECHOcommunity.org.


ECHO provides hope against hunger around the globe through agricultural training and
resources. As a Christian technical networking and resourcing organization, ECHO builds a diverse, global network and serves that network by sharing validated contextualized agricultural options with technical excellence. ECHO’s goal is to serve its network members to advance food security and sustainable livelihoods. ECHO’s North American Regional Impact Center is located in Fort Myers, Florida with a global presence through four Regional Impact Centers in the USA, Thailand, Tanzania, and Burkina Faso. For more information about ECHO call 239-543-3246 or visit echonet.org or ECHOcommunity.org.

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