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Naples Center for Functional Medicine to host Feb. 5 seminar on Natural Strategies for Neurological Problems

Dr. Carol L. Roberts, medical director at Naples Center for Functional Medicine, will lead a complimentary lecture on Feb. 5 offering insight into how holistic medicine helps to optimize brain health.

Natural Strategies for Neurological Problems will cover non-traditional and natural treatments, including hyperbaric oxygen therapy, for neurological conditions like migraines, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

“Research has long proven that some neurological conditions can be treated, and even cured, through natural means like diet, exercise, stress management and other strategies,” Roberts said. “The brain controls your entire body, so it’s critically important to have your brain operating at an optimal level.”

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy helps deliver more oxygen to the body and increases blood flow to the brain, which is vital to promote healing and optimized cognitive function. It also improves brain metabolism, a critically important function that can prevent, and even reverse, neurological conditions like Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Roberts, a specialist in natural and holistic healing, has practiced functional, integrative and holistic medicine for more than 25 years and is the author of “Good Medicine: A Return to Common Sense.” She provides patients with nutritional counseling, natural hormone replacement, detoxification, treatment of chronic illness, medicinal cannabis and holistic medical weight loss. Roberts received a bachelor’s degree from Harvard University and a medical degree from the University of Texas Medical School, and is a founding diplomate of the American Board of Holistic and Integrative Medicine.

The free lecture starts at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 5 at the Naples Center for Functional Medicine, 800 Goodlette-Frank Road, Suite 270, in Naples.

Space is limited. To RSVP, please visit NaplesCFM.com or call 239-649-7400.

About Naples Center for Functional Medicine

Formerly named Hughes Center for Functional Medicine, the Naples Center for Functional Medicine, a HealthLynked practice, operates with the philosophy that every patient has a unique footprint stemming from genetics, lifestyle, toxic exposures and both mental and physical stress. Medical director Dr. Carol L. Roberts and physician Dr. Eduardo Maristany, along with a team of highly trained medical professionals, provide patients with modern modalities and evidence-based, leading-edge functional and integrative medicine through a range of programs and services, including nutritional analysis, diagnostic testing, IV therapy, supplement therapy, genetic testing, natural hormone therapy and hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Functional medicine is a holistic approach to medical care that identifies the root causes of illness or pain, treating the whole patient rather than just symptoms. For more information about the Naples Center for Functional Medicine, please call 239-649-7400 or visit NaplesCFM.com.

About HealthLynked Corp.

HealthLynked Corp. sits at the crossroads of today’s technology and tomorrow’s innovation. At its core is the HealthLynked Network, a cloud-based platform for the storage and sharing of personal health information. Members can connect and share with family, friends or physicians of their choice, and determine how much data and for how long it is shared. Best of all, sharing is independent of other Electronic Medical Records, totally secure and completely transportable.

HealthLynked also produces the Practice Optimization Suite, which includes the encrypted, free Wi-Fi application that allows patients to access the Internet securely in waiting rooms, the QwikCheck Smartphone Check In System, and the web-based Practice Analytics program that crunches the patient processing numbers to highlight inefficiencies and track patient time in the office. Marketing tools designed to facilitate patient retention, connection and communication are also available at the Preferred Provider level.

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