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Marketing trends 2023: Spotlight your brand online

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2023 Marketing TrendsEach year, new marketing trends emerge that span public relations, advertising, digital marketing, social media and other disciplines within the marketing industry. That’s why businesses and nonprofits should reevaluate their marketing plans annually. Staying ahead of marketing trends can help any organization reach its target audiences and goals. 

In a competitive marketplace, it’s incredibly important to stay relevant and top of mind with clients and customers. Priority Marketing’s team of 50+ savvy creatives and mastermind strategists leverage the most up-to-date tools and marketing solutions for clients across many industries. Their areas of expertise include brand development, public relations, graphic design, social media and email marketing, media planning, web solutions, event planning, video production, digital advertising and more. 

For 2023, we’re looking at four areas in which businesses can spotlight their brands online. They aren’t “new,” per se, rather a next-step evolution.

Online Marketing Trends 

Most small businesses have an online presence, which includes websites and social media pages. Maintaining an online presence is incredibly important because studies estimate more than 90% of customers visit websites or read online reviews before making a purchase. 

Capitalizing on online marketing trends will help businesses reach their goals. 

Below are four online marketing trends that Priority Marketing is eyeing in 2023: 

Video: Produce Short and Sweet Videos 

That average online user watches 1 hour, 40 minutes of video every day. As such, video is still the star of the internet. Online video doesn’t have to be a featured film or highly choreographed production. In fact, shorter video content that is appealing to viewers is quickly gaining popularity. Businesses that post authentic video showing their personalities, products and services score high marks with consumers. 

YouTube: Put the ‘You’ back in YouTube 

YouTube ranks as the second-most popular online platform in the world, trailing only Google. The gap is narrowing, too. Businesses that put “you” in YouTube are personalizing their brand and can create a solid connection with their target audience. Behind-the-scenes tours and virtual meet-and-greets can generate personal relationships that deliver results. 

Influencers: Tap Micro-Influencers 

Celebrities measure their social media followers in the tens, or even hundreds, of millions. Although famous athletes, actors and musicians are influencers, they might not be the best influencers to help build local brands. Instead, tap a micro-influencer to target new, highly engaged audiences in niche markets. This can include local parenting bloggers, foodies and wine lovers. 

Evolution: Evolve with Social Media 

Simply posting content on social media is not enough. Businesses should leverage the power of social media to connect and engage with customers in ways that an 800-number fails. Respond to direct messages, comments and reviews (good and bad) as if it were a customer service line. Google reviews are a vital component of strategic digital marketing. 

A Look Back 

Priority Marketing’s team of experienced marketing professionals stays ahead of the trends defining – and redefining – the industry. Interested in a little marketing nostalgia? Take a look back at our annual blogs outlining marketing trends that were on the horizon that year. 

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Looking for a marketing partner that stays one step ahead of the marketing trends? Please give us a call today at 239-267-2638 or send an email to LetsTalk@PriorityMarketing.com. 

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