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Jewish Federation of Greater Naples announces its annual community-wide Chanukah celebration Nov. 29

The Jewish Federation of Greater Naples announces the free annual community-wide celebration of Chanukah Monday, Nov. 29 at a 5 p.m. at Mercato on the lawn.

The annual celebration will include lighting the menorah, the Naples Klezmer Revival Band, balloon creations, crafts, Chanukah songs and latkes and beverages available for purchase.

“In 2020, we had the celebration virtually, so we are looking forward to bringing the community together for this joyous celebration,” said Jeffrey Feld, president and CEO of the Jewish Federation of Greater Naples. “We need unity now more than ever, and this is the opportunity to bring together people of many cultures in the name of light and harmony.”

The Chanukah menorah is a nine-branched candelabrum lit during the eight-day holiday. Eight of the nine branches hold lights (candles or oil lamps) that symbolize the eight nights of the holiday; on each night, one more light is lit than the previous night, until on the final night all eight branches are ignited.

The annual community event celebrates the miracle of Chanukah, when a ragtag band of Jewish freedom fighters ousted the powerful Syrian Greeks from the Holy Land more than 2,000 years ago. It is celebrated as a victory of religious freedom against an oppressive regime. Upon entering the newly liberated Holy Temple in Jerusalem, the Jewish armies found a small jar of pure olive oil to kindle the lamp that always burned there. The oil, which was enough for just one day, burned for eight days.

Sponsorship and table reservations at the event are available. For information, visit jewishnaples.org.

About Jewish Federation of Greater Naples

The Jewish Federation of Greater Naples is the thread that runs through the fabric of the Jewish Community, its organizations and services, connecting us all. The Federation supports programs for Jewish people and the entire community in need in the greater Naples area, Israel and throughout the world, providing food for the hungry and counseling for the troubled, spearheading rescue and relief efforts for isolated Jews in distressed regions, and funding innovative Jewish educational and unity initiatives. The Federation creates a sense of community for thousands of Jewish residents in Greater Naples and its surrounding areas by creating and supporting programs to further Jewish learning, identity, pride and culture. Federation meets the challenge of providing for the needs of our Jewish brethren, wherever they may be, from young children and families to seniors. For information, visit jewishnaples.org, call 239-263-4205 or email info@jewishnaples.org.

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