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How to create engaging social media content for your business

Social media presents a great opportunity for businesses to connect with their customers. 

Through social platforms, businesses can showcase new products and services while strengthening brand identity and customer loyalty. 

However, many social posts fall flat and generatlittle engagementThat’s why Priority Marketing partners with businesses and organizations to creating engaging social content. The firm’s social media marketing services include Strategic Consulting, Blog Development, Paid Strategy and Tactics, Organic Content Creation, Reputation Management, Brand and Keyword Monitoring, Social Networking Profile Development, Content Development, Audience and Demographic Research, Competitive Analysis, Social Media Monitoring, and Detailed Reporting and Analysis. 

First, what social media platforms are best for businesses? The top five are FacebookInstagramLinkedInYouTube and Twitter. Each platform serves a different audience, so content should be tailored specifically for every channel. 

Second, how do social media platforms determine whether followers will see your posts? They use complex algorithms based on your content and prior posts to determine what flows into users’ feed. This includes comments, replies, likes and shares. 

Third, how do you create engaging social media content that resonates with your target audience? Below are three tips to get started. 


If content is king, then video is the emperor. Video generates 12 times as many shares on social media than text- or image-based posts combined. In fact, research shows that people spend one-third of their time online watching videos. Nearly all social media sites prioritize video in their algorithms. 

It’s important to plan videos, but not be so scripted that videos don’t appear authentic. 

These three types of videos connect with audiences: 

  • Live video: Facebook is the most popular social media platform in the world, and its algorithm prioritizes live video. Facebook even sends notifications alerting followers that you’re live. Other social channels, as well as Be.LiveStreamYard and others, also make livestreaming easy for the masses. 
  • Customer testimonials: 9 in 10 potential consumers check online reviews before making a purchase decision. Knowing that, capturing customers’ testimonials on video can add a level of credibility while establishing personal connections with viewers. 
  • Storytelling: People want to support companies and causes that align with their values. Tell a story that evokes emotion and connects with audiences on a deeper level. 








 Share content 

Many social media users post new content every day. If a person mentions your business or organization in a positive lightconsider sharing itRetweeting and sharing user-generated content builds a relationship with followers while offering third-party endorsements that reach larger audiences. 

For example, a restaurant can post that it serves the best pizza in town. If a patron says the same thing, though, that individual’s network of friends will take note. You may even see them in-store a day later. 

Also, connect with social media “influencers” that have a large following. Their words and photos can send additional customers your way. 

Share this type of content on social media to increase engagement: 

  • Customer feedback: Unsolicited, user-generated posts are authentic. Social media users want to know what their peers think. Sharing also lets your fans know that you’re listening. 
  • Industry trends: This shows you are current while giving an opportunity to discuss your company’s innovations and offerings.  
  • News stories: Media coverage increases credibility and indicates a business excels within the community. 
  • Awards: Everyone loves a winner. If a community group or professional organization recognizes your business or presents an award, share the newsCongratulatory messages often follow in the comments. 








Talk to your audience 

Social media provides a direct C-to-B forum between customers and businesses. It’s not always possible to pick up the phone and chat with businesses, particularly large companies. However, social media offers a platform to be heard.  

Respond to followers’ posts, questions and comments on social mediaDoing so increases their relationship with your brand and builds a community around your social presence. 

Below are four tips to engage in conversation on social media: 

  • Respond quickly: Whether it’s a text, email, phone call or social media post, people want answers quickly. Fast, insightful responses impress followers. In fact, Facebook rewards responsive companies by making sure followers see more of their content.  
  • Resolve concerns: If a customer expresses dissatisfaction, hear them out. Customers might not always be right, but companies should try to keep their business. Listen and learn. A little dialogue goes a long way. Customers appreciate seeing businesses that are responsive and willing to address concerns. 
  • Be complimentary: Thank customers for their patronage, even if their comments are less than flattering. 
  • Maintain your brand voice: Reputation and consistency are everything. Social media responses should adhere to the same copywriting standards as newsletters, collateral and website pages. 






Contact us today at 239-267-2638 or info@PriorityMarketing.com to learn how you can create engaging social media content. 

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