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HF scientific granted patent for spectrophotometer use in explosive atmospheres

HF scientific, a Watts brand, has been granted a patent on its redesigned ballast water instrument, the SSR-Ex, a second-generation instrument designed to be safe, simple and robust. The instrument has been specifically designed to operate in ATEX Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous areas aboard ships.

To make the SSR-Ex safe, HF scientific created a patent method for isolating electronics from the “Wet Chemistry” area of the instrument. This means that an operator can open the enclosure at any time to service the unit without using a bypass key or exposing the electronics to a potentially hazardous atmosphere.

This instrument is sectioned such that all the electrical or powered devices are in the upper, purged section of the enclosure, while the lower (wetted parts) section contains no power at all and can be operated and maintained in a safe condition even with the main enclosure door open. The SSR-Ex has been designed to meet the design criteria specified by standard dpd colorimetric method for chlorine monitoring.

“Ballast water solutions from HF scientific play a key role in protecting the environment by helping curb the transport of invasive species,” said Dorian Cauceglia, research & development manager, water quality. “Explosion protection is of critical importance and we’ve received very positive feedback from

our clients. The SSR-Ex combines everything we’ve learned over the years, allowing HF scientific

to deliver a system that is simple to use and creates a safer environment.”

About HF Scientific:

HF scientific, a Watts brand, manufactures a comprehensive line of instrumentation, test kits, and chemical reagents used for monitoring water quality in a variety of applications. The company’s products are used for industrial and municipal water applications, while other uses include industrial process control systems and marine ballast water systems that help eliminate the harmful effects of invasive species in the environment. For more information, visit www.hfscientific.com

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