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Great advertising is a hallmark of successful businesses

Great Advertising - billboardGreat advertising catches the eye. It evokes emotion, resonates with consumers and defines a brand. It is clear, concise and compelling, as well as memorable. 

Most important, great advertising sparks action – a phone call, an email, a website visit or a trip to the store. Ultimately, great advertising leads to a purchase, and hopefully a loyal customer. 

All great advertising starts with a strategic marketing plan. Priority Marketing helps its client partners set goals and achieve sales milestones through results-oriented strategic marketing solutions. Great advertising is one piece of the marketing puzzle, along with public relations, digital marketing, social media, website design and other elements. 

Where is great advertising? 

First, it’s important to know where to find great advertising. It is, in fact, everywhere. Great advertising comes in many sizes, shapes, colors and formats. 

Businesses and organizations often focus their advertising dollars in these five places: 

  • Print: Newspapers, magazines, journals, trade publications, flyers, mailers and other printed collateral.  
  • Television: Broadcast, cable and over-the-top television, including streaming apps.  
  • Radio: FM, AM and satellite radio. 
  • Billboards: Fixed or mobile billboards. 
  • Digital: Websites, apps and social media platforms. 

Great advertising can also be found on the sides of buses, park benches and roadside signs. Of course, word of mouth remains one of the best – and free – advertising platforms. 

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Tips to create great advertising 

Great advertising is like introducing a new dish at a restaurant. Some patrons will rave about it, while others may just think it’s OK. However, chefs and advertisers share the same goal – getting a thumbs up from the majority of their target audience. 

When developing an ad for print, TV or digital, there are three common factors that make good advertising great. 

Captivate the senses 

Many consumers have information overload. Great advertising breaks through the clutter with compelling imagery and sound. It reveals the benefits of a brand while appealing to human emotions in a stimulating, memorable way. 

Tell a story 

Beyond colorful photos or action-packed videos, creative messaging helps capture an audience’s attention and engage their interest. Always position your brand as the “hero” of the story, by providing a product or service that enhances lives. Great advertising clearly identifies the product and company behind the ad. 

Call to action 

Instill a sense of urgency to take the next step. Advertising often includes terminology like “call now,” “supplies limited” or “act fast” to spark action. Make it simple for an audience to act by having an easy-to-remember website, telephone number or social media handle. 

Need an advertising expert? 

Advertising spans multiple departments at Priority Marketing, including account management, creative services, web development, social media, video production and more. The firm’s Media Buying Department researches, negotiates, plans and places media buys. The team also coordinates schedules, monitors campaigns and audits media campaigns to ensure they meet a client’s goals. 

Looking for creative, effective strategies to advertising your brand? Priority Marketing has a team of 55+ experienced professionals on standby! 

Please give us a call today at 239-267-2638 or send an email to LetsTalk@PriorityMarketing.com 

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