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Four Cybersecurity Services to Protect Your Website

Four Cybersecurity Services to Protect Your Website

Every business needs a website, and here are four services we provide to protect your website from hackers or robots. October is National Cybersecurity Awareness month, so at Priority Marketing we’re taking time to spread awareness about online safety and about how we can help.


A firewall is a necessary element of cybersecurity that Priority Marketing provides on our web server. Firewalls filter traffic to a website, looking for robots and hackers. Firewalls assess how a visitor reached the site and if their intentions are harmful. Then the firewall works to redirect the negative traffic. We always encourage clients to opt for this added layer of security. We also can provide them with automated reports that show how the firewall has improved the safety of their site on our servers.

SSL Certificates

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and provides a safe, encrypted communication between a website and internet browser. It’s shown on a webpage as a green lock symbol in the search bar on the far left. This is essential for websites that require users to log in or submit personal information. Priority Marketing can install and integrate an SSL Certificate into any website we create and host. 


When protecting a website, it’s important to monitor and eliminate any possible threats. Priority Marketing offers routine and preventative web protection and monitoring services. These include integrity monitoring, malware detection and removal, interface management and DNS tracking. We also provide regular updates and patches, as outdated software is more prone to attacks. In addition, we have the ability to monitor and protect sites that we build but aren’t hosted on our servers.


The most crucial element of cybersecurity is to be aware, and therefore we spend considerable time educating our clients on best practices for online safety. Creating unique and hard-to-guess passwords for online accounts is essential in keeping hackers at bay. We stress the power of a click, and clicking on suspicious or unknown links and pop-ups can create an unsafe opening. It’s also important to look for the true source of an email or even a social media profile to avoid fraudulent activity. We even provide training for clients to show them how to keep their site safe and how to run the necessary health checks.

Remember, hacks occur when you least expect them, so it’s crucial to have protections in place. To put security measures in place or for help once an attack occurs, our full-service web development team is ready to help. For more information about the comprehensive web and cybersecurity services we offer, visit www.PriorityMarketing.com or call (239) 267-2638.

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