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Fort Myers entrepreneur creates TheraPouf, an innovative new product to relieve back and neck pain

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TheraPoufFort Myers resident Judy Cutler-Teeven has developed an innovative new product offering much-needed relief to those suffering from back, neck and joint pain.

TheraPouf, a versatile, inflatable support pillow, works by applying counter pressure to areas of the spine where support is needed, thus achieving a neutral spine position. It includes a gel pack that can be frozen or microwaved before being tucked into an exterior pocket, thus adding cold or heat therapy to a treatment.

TheraPouf was born out of Cutler-Teeven’s desire to have a natural remedy to align her spine.

“Three years ago, I began to experience severe back issues that resulted in three surgeries,” Cutler-Teeven explained. “There are a number of products on the market that claim to offer relief, but none made my pain disappear. So I decided to leverage my background in product development and create a solution that would help others suffering from back pain.”

Cutler-Teeven has launched a crowdfunding campaign, which is hosted on Indiegogo, to help bring TheraPouf to market and raise seed money to jump start her entrepreneurial venture. Anyone who contributes $150 or more will receive one of the first TheraPoufs to roll off the production line. Ten percent of crowdfunding donations will be split among three Southwest Florida nonprofit organizations near and dear to her heart: PACE Center for Girls, Lee and Haven of Hope International in Fort Myers, and STARability Foundation in Naples.

Manufactured in the USA, TheraPouf already is patented and trademarked by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. TheraPouf.com launched in August, and product sales will begin this fall.

TheraPouf’s versatility is key, Cutler-Teeven says. Unlike a regular pillow, TheraPouf can be inflated to whatever pressure is desired, and used at home while watching television, at work while sitting at a desk or to treat aches and pains immediately after exercising.

“During our product testing phase, we provided the prototype to individuals with a variety of medical and physical issues,” said Cutler-Teeven. “Their feedback was all positive, and two terms that kept coming up were comfortable and convenient. One individual used it as a perfectly contoured neck pillow on a long airplane ride to Africa, as a therapeutic aide behind his ailing back and as an ice pack to relieve his swollen knee.”

About TheraPouf

TheraPouf is a versatile support pillow ideal for those suffering from back, neck and joint pain. Each TheraPouf package includes an inflatable pillow, a water-resistant neoprene sleeve and a gel pack, which can be used for hot or cold therapy. TheraPouf, created by entrepreneur and back pain sufferer Judy Cutler-Teeven, is a patented, trademarked product made in the USA. TheraPouf will be available online in fall 2018. Supporters who contribute to the product’s crowdfunding page on Indiegogo will be among the first to receive a TheraPouf. For more information, visit TheraPouf.com, email info@therapouf.com or visit TheraPouf’s crowdfunding campaign page on Indiegogo.com.

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