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First steps: Marketing tips for entrepreneurs

Marketing Tips for EntrepreneursEvery new product or service starts with a great idea, and its success hinges on brand awareness and sales. That’s why it’s important to evaluate successful marketing tips for entrepreneurs. 

Marketing takes a great idea for a product or service and brings it to the marketplace, and ultimately into homes and businesses. 

Entrepreneurs develop innovative products and new services they believe will meet a unique need or demand in the community. An entrepreneur with financial resources, technical know-how, a team of advisors and a written business plan has the groundwork in place. However, a startup’s momentum can quickly fizzle if the entrepreneur has not solidified a strategic marketing plan. 

As Southwest Florida’s largest full-service firm, Priority Marketing employs 60 savvy creatives and mastermind strategists whose areas of expertise include brand development, public relations, graphic design, social media and email marketing, media planning, web solutions, event planning, video production, digital advertising and more. The firm has helped hundreds of businesses and nonprofits enhance their brand through strategic marketing. 

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Consider these marketing tips for entrepreneurs if you’re looking to turn a bright idea into big business: 

Six Marketing Tips for Entrepreneurs 

Whether it’s chocolate or chicken salad, banking or baking, entrepreneurs introducing any type of product or service should implement a marketing strategy that includes – at a minimum – these six elements: 

  • Market Research: Who is your target audience? A market research study defines the typical customer – interests and spending habits as well as location, age, gender, household income and other characteristics. It’s also important to study the competition’s products, services, prices and distinguishing factors. 
  • Branding: Does your audience understand your business or organization? Are you successfully positioning your story and unique product or service? Are your logo, packaging and product images visually compelling? A brand is much more than just a logo and tagline. Storytellers create your brand messaging while graphic designers create bold, colorful and memorable visuals that grab customers’ attention, strengthen brand perception and trigger a positive, emotional response. 
  • Advertising: How will your customers learn about you? Paid strategies help your message reach the masses. Television, newspaper, magazine, radio, outdoor and online media offer opportunities to disseminate information directly to consumers. 
  • Public Relations: Who else can help tell your story? A journalist’s role is to inform the community, so new products and services, grand openings and success stories often find their place in the news. Earned media helps validate a business and its offerings. 
  • Social Media: What social platforms are popular with your target audience? Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube are appropriate for many industries, while Snapchat and TikTok are popular with younger demographics. Organic social media posts are authentic, trustworthy and personal. Meanwhile, paid social media marketing can help reach specific audiences. 
  • Digital Marketing: Can you use technology to your advantage? Pay-per-click and online advertising reaches potential customers on computers and smartphones. Email marketing is a great way to stay in touch with current and former customers. Businesses that implement search engine optimization (SEO) strategies capitalize on algorithms to connect with customers. 

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Marketing that Launches a Business 

Entrepreneurs are known as innovators, visionaries, problem solvers and technical experts. They are out-of-the-box thinkers who respond to any challenge and overcome many obstacles. 

However, the most successful entrepreneurs don’t go it alone. They recognize what they do best and partner with talented professionals to turn their bright ideas into big business. Heeding these six marketing tips for entrepreneurs helps ensure businesses will hit the ground running. 

Are you an entrepreneur in need of marketing to help your business shine? Please give us a call today at 239-267-2638 or send an email to LetsTalk@PriorityMarketing.com. 

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