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cold case playing cards - swfl crime stoppers

In late 2023, Priority Marketing partnered with Southwest Florida Crime Stoppers to design and produce a deck of Cold Case Playing Cards to help secure new leads. The cards feature unsolved crimes from across the region, some decades old homicides. 

Crime Stoppers started distributing decks of playing cards to local jails and prisons in spring 2024, hoping inmates will share information with the authorities. Since the playing cards were circulated, three local media outlets have produced stories mentioning the decks. 

Feb. 26 – FOX4: SWFL Crime Stoppers deals cold case playing cards to inmates 

March 8 – ABC7: Deck of cold case cards aim to crack unsolved crimes in Southwest Florida 

March 19 – NBC2: SWFL Crime Stoppers increases reward for information on cold cases to $5K 

Priority Marketing has been producing Cold Case Playing Cards for nearly two decades for law enforcement agencies across the country. The cards have led to hundreds of tips and many arrests, including a high-profile case involving a Kansas homicide in 2019. 

The front side of the playing cards is standard and includes an organization’s name and logo. The back side has clubs, spades, hearts and diamonds ranging from 2 to Ace, and features cold cases unique to that jurisdiction.  

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