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Elmquist Eye Group offering Optima IPL treatment for patients with dry eye syndrome

Elmquist Eye Group is offering a new procedure using the Lumenis Optima Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) to help treat patients with evaporative dry eye disease, known as dry eye syndrome.

Dry eye syndrome is an ocular surface disease affecting quality of vision and overall eye comfort. Typical symptoms can include a sandy, gritty sensation, irritation, tearing, itching, redness or a burning sensation in the eyes. Dry eyes can occur as a result of inflammation as well as when the oil glands, or meibomian glands, lining the eyelids become blocked, making the oils unable to properly coat the eye and prevent tears from evaporating.

The Optima IPL treatment produces pulses of light that are applied to the skin to stimulate the body’s natural healing process, targeting skin and eyelid inflammation that leads to dry, itchy eyes. The procedure can also be used for treatment of other eye and skin conditions including blepharitis, chalazions, rosacea and age spots. The long-lasting, effective treatment is drug free and drop free with minimal discomfort and rapid recovery.

“Symptoms of dry eye syndrome can affect everyday life, making it difficult to perform simple tasks such as reading or using an electronic device. Intense pulsed light procedures may help reduce inflammation and provide greater relief,” said Dr. Sarah Eccles-Brown, board-certified ophthalmologist and partner at Elmquist Eye Group. “Elmquist Eye Group is proud to begin offering this service at our practice as part of our wide range of treatment options for patients with dry eyes and other eye and skin conditions.”

To learn more about treatment for dry eyes or to schedule an appointment, contact Elmquist Eye Group at 239-936-2020.

About Elmquist Eye Group

Trevor Elmquist, D.O. founded Elmquist Eye Group in Fort Myers in 1992. Elmquist and his skilled associates Dr. Kate Wagner, Dr. Sarah Eccles-Brown, Dr. Nina Burt and Dr. Yasaira Rodriguez continue to provide a complete range of medical, surgical, cosmetic and emergency eye care to the residents of Lee County. Services include comprehensive eye exams, diagnosis and treatment of cataracts, dry eye, glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic eye disease and many more eye conditions. A full-service optical boutique is located within the Fort Myers and Cape Coral offices, with a wide range of frames and lens options. For more information and appointments call 239-936-2020 or go to Elmquist.com.

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