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Collaboratory grant replaces hurricane-damaged aviary at Wonder Gardens

The Wonder Gardens has replaced its bird aviary for its resident African Grey and Amazon parrots through a $25,000 grant from the Collaboratory.

Supplied by Custom Gages, the aviary includes naturalistic perches and enrichment toys for the birds and meets the welfare standards of the United States Department of Agriculture, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

“We are so grateful to be able to provide this new aviary to our resident parrots,” said Kaitlyn Henry, director of living collections. “The older aviary where they lived was damaged in Hurricane Ian. As a nonprofit, we are excited that community donations will allow us to provide more of these upgraded aviaries for other birds at the Wonder Gardens.”

Wind and flooding from Hurricane Ian impacted the existing, older aviary, causing rapid rusting and making it unsafe for the birds, which were removed until the aviary was replaced. Two other older aviaries were also impacted by the storm and need to be upgraded. New aviaries are estimated to cost about $30,000 each with toys, perches and fencing. Additional funding would allow the gardens to add more birds and aviaries.

To donate for additional aviaries, please call 239-992-2591 or visit wondergardens.org/donations, to make online donations or view a wish list of needs.

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