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Cold Case Playing Cards

Cold Case Cards Solve Crimes

Cold Case Playing CardsFor nearly two decades, Priority Marketing has partnered with law enforcement agencies nationwide to produce Cold Case Playing Cards.

The front side of the playing cards is standard and includes an organization’s name and logo. The back side has clubs, spades, hearts and diamonds ranging from 2 to Ace, and features cold cases unique to that jurisdiction.

Cold Case Playing Cards have led to hundreds of tips and many arrests. Just recently, U.S. Marshals arrested a homicide suspect accused of killing a victim whose playing card – the Five of Hearts – circulated in detention centers, on social media and in the media. The case was featured in a deck of cards designed by Priority Marketing.

“Our team of marketing professionals typically focuses on helping businesses grow their brands and nonprofits accomplish their missions, but the Cold Case Playing Cards offer unique opportunities to partner with law enforcement agencies,” said Priority Marketing Founder, President and Chief Creative Officer Teri Hansen, APR. “We celebrate every success for our clients, so it’s very satisfying to know these playing cards are generating tips to find missing people, solving cases and leading to arrests that give victims and their family members some sense of peace and closure.”

What are Cold Case
Playing Cards?

Cold cases are law enforcement investigations in which evidence is lacking and tips have dried up. It takes months or even years before law enforcement declares a crime as a cold case.

The Cold Case Playing Cards are throwbacks to the old-fashioned “WANTED” posters. Instead of showcasing suspects, though, the playing cards feature victims and their stories.

Priority Marketing has partnered with police departments and sheriff’s offices from coast to coast, as well as state law enforcement agencies. Decks of cards are distributed in places where law enforcement believes individuals might know information, including jails, prisons and probation offices near where the crimes took place.

Each of the Cold Case Playing Cards includes common elements:

Cold Case Playing Cards Design Services

Cold Case Playing Cards are just one specialty of Priority Marketing’s creative masterminds. Team members also design signs and displays, product packaging, print collateral and much more.

Are you a law enforcement agency looking for a marketing partner to help solve your cold cases? Please give us a call today at 239-267-2638 or send an email to LetsTalk@PriorityMarketing.com.