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Charity for Change receives a $2,500 capacity grant from the Community Foundation of Collier County

Charity for Change has received a $2,500 capacity grant from the Community Foundation of Collier County that will be used to update the program platform and 12-year-old Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) educational programs.

“Social distancing will undoubtedly have profound impacts on our children and society,” said Karen Conley, founder and CEO of Charity for Change. “Social-emotional learning helps children understand and manage their emotions. By giving children the foundation of SEL, they develop resiliency and are better equipped to deal with the changes and challenges of isolation and distance learning.”

In 2008, Charity for Change started with two in-school programs in Collier County. Since then, the organization has served more than 62,000 children in Florida and several other states in afterschool, summer school, in-school and pre-school settings. Pre- and post-tests of children participating in the Charity for Change Afterschool Program at Guadalupe Center in Immokalee for the 2018-2019 school year showed an increase in character trait knowledge of 40%.

The Community Foundation of Collier County awards annual grants through a competitive application and review process.

About Charity for Change

Founded in 2008, Charity for Change brings children together to see past their differences and work together for others in need to prevent bullying, violence and hate. Through character education and charitable activities, the organization serves children through its afterschool, summer school, preschool, and in-school programs. Since 2008, the program as impacted 62,000 children, instilling 19 character traits and raising $138,000 for 100 area charities. The goal of Charity for Change is to cultivate confident, compassionate children who become successful learners, contribute to their schools and communities, and participate in society as empathetic, resilient, ethical, and self-reliant citizens. For more information about Charity for Change, please visit www.charityforchange.org or call 239-592-6787.

About the Community Foundation of Collier County

The Community Foundation of Collier County is a tax-exempt, public, charitable organization, established in 1985 to increase and focus private philanthropy in the area. Today, the Community Foundation of Collier County manages more than 700 funds, serves 400 nonprofits, holds over holds $197 million in assets and has distributed more than $138 million in grants to nonprofit organizations and community programs since its inception in 1985. The Community Foundation of Collier County is one of Florida’s fastest growing community foundations. For good. Forever. Learn more at cfcollier.org or call 239-649-5000.

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