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Bridging The Gap Physical Therapy announces addition of Dr. Teo Buzas

Picture of Dr. Teo Buzas, specialist in manual therapy at Bridging The Gap Physical TherapyBridging The Gap Physical Therapy announced the addition of Dr. Teo Buzas to the staff. Prior to joining Bridging The Gap, Buzas served for five years in the sports medicine department at the University of Michigan.

He is certified through the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties and has certifications in both strength and conditioning as well as orthopedic manual physical therapy. Buzas received a Bachelor of Science in health sciences and Doctor of Physical Therapy from Oakland University.

“I’m especially interested in helping healthy, active people stay active,” Buzas said. “We believe wellness lifestyle is part of their journey, with a proactive approach to medicine. With better movement, patients will improve performance and avoid setbacks, whether they are school athletes or weekend warriors.”

The Bonita-based clinic is notable for its use of rare hands-on Functional Manual Therapy techniques, which are designed to improve the speed and quality of each patient’s recovery. The clinic also pledges to treat clients’ problems naturally, without pain medication or surgery.

“Traditional physical therapy clinics can certainly help someone feel better, but there’s a big difference between feeling good and actually performing movements correctly in the gym or on the golf course,” said Senior Physical Therapist Dr. David Lee. “We’re here to bridge that gap.”

Bridging The Gap is a subsidiary of HealthLynked Corp., a nationwide healthcare network focused on care management of its members and a provider of healthcare technologies that connect doctors, patients and medical data. HealthLynked is also affiliated with Naples Center for Functional Medicine and Naples Women’s Center.

About Bridging The Gap

Bridging The Gap utilizes highly effective Manual Therapy techniques, which means assessing movement and how every part of the body affects the other. Patients always work one-on-one with a physical therapist, which allows treatments to be adjusted to specific needs, helping patients get better faster and in fewer visits. Our therapists examine the whole body, not just the areas that hurt. Education is a huge piece of Bridging The Gap’s mission, with the goal to not only to help people get better, but to teach them what they can do to stay that way. Bridging The Gap is at 28410 Bonita Crossings Blvd., Suite 110, Bonita Springs. For more information, visit www.BridgingTheGapPT.com, 239-676-0546.

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