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Avow awarded $5,000 Grant from Suncoast Credit Union Foundation to fund music therapy programming

Avow has received a $5,000 grant from Suncoast Credit Union Foundation to fund music therapy programming for Avow Kids. The Avow Kids program provides support for children ages 5-17 who are struggling with grief or loss in any capacity, and there is never a cost for participation in the program.

“The Avow Kids team is incredibly grateful for the continued funding of music therapy,” says Madison Weeks, Avow Kids’ board-certified music therapist. “The growth of the program has given more children the opportunity to learn how to express their emotions and navigate their grief through music. Music therapy has now been integrated into all Avow Kids camps and events to provide an enriching experience to children in both group settings and one-on-one sessions.”

Avow Kids assists children in learning and implementing effective coping skills while encouraging emotional expression through art, music, movement and group discussion. Avow’s board-certified music therapist organizes and implements opportunities for children to write, sing, and play music to express complex emotions, or “big feelings,” that they may not fully understand or have the words to communicate. For many individuals, musical activities assist in emotional and mental healing, often resulting in decreased levels of stress, improved communication and improved general wellness. By learning new coping skills, children are more likely to perform better in school, improve family and friend relationships and reduce risky behaviors, thus empowering them to move on from their grief to a more productive and well-balanced life.

Low-income families make up the largest demographic of Avow Kids participants at 73%. This makes Avow a vital resource to these families who may not otherwise have access to grief services, such as music therapy. Avow believes that when a child is experiencing tremendous grief, the family should not have to be concerned with the expense of receiving care to process grief.

To learn more about the scope of services provided by Avow, call 239-261-4404 or visit www.AvowCares.org.

About Avow

Avow was founded in 1983 as Collier County’s original, nonprofit hospice. Today, Avow’s nonprofit companies provide palliative care consultations for adults facing chronic or serious illness, hospice care, and bereavement support services for children and adults. To learn more about the scope of services provided by Avow, call (239) 261-4404 or visit www.avowcares.org.

About Suncoast Credit Union Foundation

The goal of the Suncoast Foundation is to promote the education, health and emotional well-being of children in our communities through scholarships and contributions to public schools, medical research and development, family support organizations, and other charitable programs of direct benefit to children.

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