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A mystery kids can’t wait to solve: New audiobook adventure connects children, grandchildren to solve The Case of the Missing Crown Jewels, now available on Audible

Grandfather-granddaughter writing team’s mystery is an Amazon bestseller

In The Case of the Missing Crown Jewels, readers join forces with 12-year-old Keira, her Papa and mischievous puppy, Waffles, on a thrilling ride of suspense and surprise to find the crown jewels. An Amazon bestseller and a finalist in the “Draft to Dream” awards, the book is now available on Audible, an online audiobook retailer.

A girl with a vivid imagination, bright red hair, Keira sets out on a secret mission with grandpa, a retired CIA spy who is itching for adventure, to help Scotland Yard and the Queen of England in solving the mystery. Together they form the Keira and Papa Detective Agency and their adventures begin!   

The objective of the book is as much about helping a grandparent connect with their grandchild as it is about solving the mystery of the crime. In the midst of crime and humor, there are sensitive moments between a grandfather and granddaughter that bring them back to trying to solve the mysteries of everyday life.

“Audiobooks are a great way to keep children engaged on car trips to school, activities or on family outings and vacations, and that’s a win-win for everyone,” said Robert Martin, best-selling author and child advocate. “More importantly, audiobooks offer the opportunity for engagement. One of my goals as an author is to help children connect with their parents or grandparents and listening together makes it a shared adventure.”

In addition to its release on Audible, The Case of the Missing Crown Jewels is available in hardcover, paperback and ebook formats on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Discover Books and other online sources.

About Author Robert Martin

As an author and child advocate, Robert Martin is dedicated to inspiring kids to chase their dreams and helping those who can’t. Martin’s grandchildren are the motivation behind his writing career, and as a result, he is the author of several children’s books, published by DreamChaser Publishing LLC, including two No. 1 Amazon bestsellers. He also publishes a blog for grandparents, parents and caregivers who share his desire to help children cope with the big challenges they face in today’s world. The blog puts these challenges into perspective and provides caregivers with the facts they need on a variety of topics, from pediatric disease to misunderstood disorders. This valuable resource also shares essential tips for communicating about tough topics, so readers can better provide children with support, foster a strong family bond, and pass their values from generation to generation.

Learn more about Robert Martin, read his articles, and shop for children’s books at www.RobertMartinAuthor.com. Follow Robert Martin on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. Net proceeds from all book sales go to the Bridge to a Cure Foundation, a nonprofit organization formed to increase the pace and success of pediatric research by unleashing resources already available today (www.BridgeToACure.org).

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