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2024 marketing trends: Storytelling drives PR, social media 

Storytelling - 2024 Marketing Trends

One of the oldest forms of communication – storytelling – will drive marketing trends in 2024. New technology, including artificial intelligence, will guide campaigns bult around storytelling. 

Storytelling has a deep history that dates to the beginning of time, when stories were passed down for generations through the spoken word. Today, storytelling – from a business marketing perspective – comes in many forms: print, television, radio and online. 

Today’s competitive marketplace means brands must take an active role in telling their stories that answer some basic questions. Why was the company founded? What does the business have coming down the pipeline? How can its products or services help clients, customers and the community? These stories build deep connections that help businesses grow. 

Each year, Priority Marketing looks ahead to trends that will define, or redefine, marketing in the months ahead. In 2024, we expect businesses will build their marketing strategies around storytelling, specifically four areas: 

Public Relations

Businesses regularly use PR to establish brand credibility and communicate with consumers. News releases, articles and guest commentaries remain part of that strategy. However, brands should also integrate PR into additional elements of storytelling: 

  • Blogs: Online content helps establish expertise while capitalizing on search engine optimization to drive web traffic. 
  • Speaking engagements: Micro-communication lets business leaders connect directly with target audiences. 
  • Awards: Customers and clients want to work with winners, and awards validate success. 
  • Community relations: Establishing relationships with elected, nonprofit and business leaders generates connections with movers and shakers. 

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Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and X (Twitter) are among the most popular social media platforms. Three areas of focus will be incredibly important in 2024 as brands tell their stories on social: 

  • Reels: Short videos will continue dominating feeds as platforms use AI and algorithms to serve reels based on user interest. 
  • Humor: Brands can inject personality into social media posts to make themselves more relatable. 
  • Messaging tools: Platforms will be rolling out tools that encourage customers and fans to communicate directly with the brands they follow. 

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From the big screen to the small screen, and now to the even smaller screen, video has been a storytelling mechanism for more than a century. Expect to see these trends grow in 2024: 

  • How-to videos: Brands will offer informative videos that prove expertise and cultivate goodwill with audiences, without being overtly persuasive or promotional. 
  • High energy: To stand out, creators will produce videos that attract and hold audiences’ attention with quick transitions, creative special effects, custom animations and engaging audio. 
  • Animation: AI tools embedded in video production software allow storytellers to do more with less. This results in a prevalence of polished, cinematic productions for brands big and small. 
  • Optimization: Creators will artfully maximize budgets by creating videos that can be used in multiple ways, including horizontal and mobile-friendly vertical production formats. 

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Digital Marketing

Most businesses have established an online presence. The most successful brands, however, meet customers where they are – online. Technology will drive those efforts: 

  • Artificial intelligence: The knock on AI is that it’s impersonal and not necessarily reflective of a brand. However, refinements to AI have potential to generate high conversion rates in email campaigns and paid advertising. 
  • Hyper-personalization: Consumers respond favorably to messaging that targets their shopping and buying preference. Segmented marketing allows brands to drill down data to create one-to-one marketing channels. However, privacy regulation could pose some roadblocks. 

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Storytelling: A marketing driver

Storytelling helps brands cut through the clutter. It creates a personal connection between brands and their target audiences, which can include prospective, current and former customers, clients and community members. Being authentic and memorable is monumentally important. 

In its simplest form, marketing is just storytelling. Instead of gathering around the campfire and telling stories, though, organizations have a multitude of avenues to share their stories with the community. 

Looking for a storyteller to help your business or organization thrive in 2024? Please give us a call today at 239-267-2638 or send an email to LetsTalk@PriorityMarketing.com. 


NOTE: A form of this blog originally appeared as a guest article in SWFL Business Today: How storytelling will drive marketing strategies in 2024 

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